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KPN NLSecure[ID]

Leading security event on secure platform

With strong content, a state-of-the-art design and an advanced platform, NLSecure[ID], the security event in the Netherlands, proved that online events have come of age. The timing couldn't be better. In the week in which KPN was proclaimed the best network in our country, the European Privacy Day fell and RTL journalist Daniël Verlaan exposed a major data breach at the GGD, the KPN event NLSecure[ID] took place at the end of January. Place. During this online edition of this three-day event, with which the security specialists of the telecom provider want to make the Netherlands safer through knowledge sharing, all possible aspects of (data) security were central on our platform, which was found safe by dedicated KPN technicians.

Let's talk about it

The online event was free to attend. We sent participants who registered through our registration system a personal participation link by email that gave them unlimited access to the platform on which the live sessions could be attended. Mood Concepts translated the proven concept of NLSecure[ID] into an online edition for KPN Security and sought cooperation with Live Legends. And with us, of course. Among the speakers in the very varied program compiled by KPN Security, in addition to the aforementioned journalist Daniël Verlaan, there was Brenno de Winter, who was closely involved with the CoronaMelder app in his role as advisor to the Ministry of VWS (Health, Welfare and Sport).


"The strength of this production with a well-coordinated team of strong partners lay in the combination of the program composed on the basis of the expertise of KPN Security and the variation and interaction we added: with changing decors and maximizing interaction with the participants. The survey shows that we have been very successful in this. We are proud of it!"
- Corine Berkel, Mood Concepts


Advanced and secure platform

With their personal participation link, the participants landed on our event platform Transmisión Livestreams (designed in the KPN house style), which was subjected to an extensive PEN test by KPN technicians prior to the event. Muy logico, of course: KPN has a reputation to uphold, and with a target group consisting mainly of technicians specialized in data security, you naturally do not want to run any risk. The Plaza, where the partners also had the opportunity to present themselves and to come into direct contact with the participants, remained in the air for a month after the three-day event. In this way the large amount of interesting content remained available to registered participants and all 'talks' could be watched on demand.


"We look back on a very successful second edition of NLSecure[ID]. With the aim of making the Netherlands safer together, as a security community. Knowledge sharing about cybersecurity is more important than ever. This can only be done by talking to each other. In these times you also have to switch and think fully digitally as a team, we did this with good partners and we are very happy with the result. A completely online event, with live shows in which interaction was possible."
- Carolien Hoogerwaard, Manager Marketing & Communication at KPN Security


Virtual studio

Not only the program, but also the registration, direction and design are highly praised by the many participants in the security event. The Live Talks took place in a virtual setting designed by Live Legends. While the LIVE@HOME studio was in reality completely KPN green, viewers were presented with a breathtaking virtual studio environment.

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