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You choose the template and add your ingredients...

...and together we add the seasoning to your registration webpage

For the online registration of your exhibition, congress or event, we offer you five tasteful templates. Take your pick from our menu and see what your registration page might look like. Do you need our advice? Please ask our experts for their recommendation!

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The perfect combination of tasteful and functional. All essential information about your event and the registration form are immediately visible. We will add extra pages as desired.

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The full-screen background image ensures recognisability and is an appealing entry. Inviting, with the registration form in the most prominent position.

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An absolute eye catcher! With the Taco template, you serve your guests a powerful, full-page opening image as an appetizer. Additional information and registration form - the main course - are only one click away.

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Our classic. Straight and businesslike, with a really professional look. If your registration page needs to be primarily functional, the basic Burrito template is an excellent choice.

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Guiding the flow of visitors in the right direction, that is what we are good at. Our sample e-tickets contribute to a natural flow, like the Mexican rivers they owe their name to. Each visitor can print his e-ticket or show it on his smartphone. In addition to a unique QR or barcode, the e-ticket also contains all the essential and practical information about your event. And of course the responsive design fits seamlessly with all your other online and offline media. Which of our templates do you choose?

Rio Bravo


Terug van weggeweest!

Appgrade your exhibition, congress or event with the Invitado event app. Our app optimizes the engagement with your attendees and brings supply and demand together even faster. Our web-app is part of the registration system, this way you can make use of the already available data more efficiently. Our completely new, interactive Vaya Visitor App is available now! Want to try it? Please let us know and we'll provide you with a link to a live demo.

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