New entrance for tourist attraction

For the royal opening of the brand new Kinderdijk visitor center, we took care of the online and on-site registration of over 500 guests, including the many volunteers and local residents. The most appealing guest of the World Heritage Kinderdijk Foundation was without a doubt Princess Beatrix, patron of the Dutch Windmill Association.

Online and on-site registration

With no fewer than 19 mills, Kinderdijk is a tourist attraction muy popular. While the millers protested not long ago against mass tourism in Kinderdijk, they and the other invitees from Kinderdijk were now very proud of the new entrance and the attendance of the former queen. The guests were able to register via our registration system and passed our scanning stations at the entrance, where we scanned their e-tickets.

The Kinderdijk windmills are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997. In addition to the official opening words from Princess Beatrix, the guests were also treated to a colourful water show during the festive opening.

Opening visitor centre in numbers




visitor centre




visitors each year


registration forms

How we made the difference in Kinderdijk


Invidividual and group invitations

For the opening of the visitor center we sent two types of invitations: one for individual visitors, and one for visitors who could also register their own guests. In addition, the volunteers of Kinderdijk could also register via our system.

Group layout

Guest and sub-guests in the same group

For the tours after the official opening, we arranged the groups in a way that guests and their sub-guests were part of the same group.

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Confirmation email and e-tickets

Two moments of sending

Immediately after signing up, the attendees received a confirmation email with a link for changing or cancelling their registration. Shortly before the festive opening we sent the e-tickets, in the style of Kinderdijk of course.

Badge cards

All personal data printed quickly

We were present at the entrance with 4 scanning stations. In addition to the name of the guest, the labels for the badges also contained the group the invitee was assigned to.

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