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The man, the myth, the legend…

What's the story?

• 'Who is that Ernesto of yours?'

• 'Does that guy with the mustache and sombrero really exist?'

• 'You are in fact a Dutch company, aren't you?'

• 'Why all those Spanish palabras in your comunicación?'

• 'Invitado, what is the meaning of this name?'

'Very good hotel! Tell everybody!'

To answer all these questions in one go, we have to go back to the summer of 2005. Lodewijk and Michiel are backpacking through inspiring Mexico. When they arrive in Chichén Iztá, they bump into an unmissable, infectiously cheerful Mexican. He tries to lure every tourist who passes by to his hotel. "24 hour pool and aire acondicionado!" he shouts enthusiastically. 'Very good hotel! Tell everybody!'

The two are convinced by the mantra of this persistent Ernesto and book a room. The Stardust Inn actually is a very good hotel, and Lodewijk and Michiel feel more than welcome. As if they were personally invited by Ernesto: Invitado.

Mexico and its rich culture, but also the hotel and of course that cheerful hotel owner make an unforgettable impression. When they founded HVMP, the parent company of Invitado, a year later, the authenticity, the persuasiveness and the enthusiasm of Ernesto still are a muy importante source of inspiration. And... more than 15 years later, Ernesto still is. Tell everybody!

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