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Release notes Transmisión Livestreams

In this overview we will keep you informed of changes as a result of our updates of Transmisión Livestreams. Previous changes are logged in this overview.


Latest release

DATE: 08-01-2021



  • Updates
    • From now on, back-end users will receive a notification when new updates get released, including a link to this page with release notes.
  • Polls
    • Polls can be deleted from the back-end.
  •  Quiz
    • [FIX] Add custom background image to quiz output screens.
  •  Handouts
    • Handouts can be submitted to multiple flows (if configured for your event).
    • Uploaded files can be deleted from the back-end.
    • The system keeps track of who downloaded which file.
  •  Breakouts
    • Moderators are marked in the list of users.
  •  Holding and live room
    • Webcam and muted microphones will be switched on automatically when users enter a holding room or a live room.
    • For users in a holding room or live room, the stream will be hidden to prevent echoes and feedback.



  • Participants will be happy to find their own names in the user list of the chat now (not clickable).
  • Some interactive controls (like questions during a quiz or a poll) will be visible as long as users can answer them (auto hide switched off for these items).
  • Helpdesk
    • Optimization of the helpdesk page for mobile devices.
    • For international events a link to the FAQ in English is added. The FAQ in Dutch was already available.
    • Notification upon response from the helpdesk added.
  • Full screen option of stream player switched off to keep the participants in the portal and to ensure that they do not miss the interaction.
  • Minor adjustments in the program choice window to avoid overlapping the floating interaction cockpit.



  • Multiple optimizations in the participants matrix, for instance through more effective connection management.
  • Optimizations in the secure use of functional cookies.
  • Safety optimizations (i.e. OWASP) and minor bug fixes.


Next scheduled release: 22-01-2021

Previous releases

No previous releases logged yet

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