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The 150th General Meeting of the VVD

More influence than ever through online platform

Saturday December 12, the 150th General Meeting of the VVD was held via our online event platform. The week before, 10 thematic sub-sessions preceded this event. The VVD chose Transmisión Livestreams to be able to broadcast members who had requested speaking time in advance. Heuvelman Sound and Vision processed the webcam images in the stream for this, without annoying feedback or delays. In this way, meetings could still be held effectively in corona time.

Amendments and Interaction

In the week leading up to Saturday's big meeting, ten thematic sub-sessions discussed in detail the nearly 1,000 amendments to the draft election program and the response of the party leadership to these amendments. Applicants were broadcast via their own webcam.

Live in the broadcast

The participating members, sometimes more than a hundred per thematic meeting, were able to express their views on the program, the amendments and the advice of the program committee through polls, but also through their input in vision and sound. In this way, a lot of adjustments were made during the meetings. A number of hot topics were passed on to the plenary meeting where they were discussed again.

More than a thousand participants

And that was Saturday. More than a thousand participants, including leaders such as prime minister Mark Rutte, Uri Rosenthal and Klaas Dijkhoff, met in the Chat Carousel and attended the General Meeting. There, the amendments were reviewed one by one. The involvement of the VVD members is not only apparent from the many substantive contributions, but also from the average viewing time per participant of more than 6 hours. This meeting ended at 7:30 PM, about three and a half hours later than planned.

More influence than ever before

A journalist of the NOS, among others, reported in the week prior to the large, concluding online meeting about the digital way of meeting. She concluded that the VVD members could exert more influence than ever.

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