Amazing possibilities with iBeacons

It comes around more and more nowadays: iBeacons. Ever since it has been available we have been testing and experimenting with it. The technology opens up new possibilities based on the Bluetooth connectivity. We believe in the great features it enables.

What is iBeacon exactly

An iBeacon is best seen as a radio transmitting a signal, continuously. Whenever your iPhone comes into reach of the iBeacon, it knows you're around somewhere. Every iBeacon has its unique transmission signal (UUID; universally unique identifier).

A smartphone or tablet can also be an iBeacon. Apple specifically opened up its possibilities as of iOS 7. And of course there are little, separate iBeacon devices available. Together with smartphones this technique opens up several new ways of interacting with your visitor.

Indoor positioning using iBeacon

In combination with an event app we can position active users within three feet of the iBeacon device. Because the transmission and reception of the signal is continuous we can create a heatmap based on the data. With that heatmap we can show you where visitors have been during the event and which route is most used.

Who's at the workshop?

Would you like to know which visitor is attending a certain workshop? Make them activate the Invitado event app and let it count the number of attendees.

On-stand promotion

Whatever your message is, you can put it directly at your customers smartphone. Using iBeacon technology we could put a voucher in Passbook, whenever someone passes your stand at the exposition.

Endless possibilities for marketeers

Everyone with an interest in events, conversion optimalisation and user experience should be interested in this technology without hesitation. It opens up a new set of possibilities in connecting with your guest or visitor and collecting data to improve your way of working.

Wij maken de communicatie en registratie voor events zo eenvoudig mogelijk, voor bezoekers én organisatoren.

Recent activities

Invitado and Event 17 together decided to present Face Recognition as experimental at the entrance of Event 17
Invitado is developing a special system for event MOCE in which case studies by exhibitors are offered tot he visitors
Invitado made a cool event site for Security BootCamp together with her internet-marketing friends at HVMP
The Buma Award 2017 guests received a double sided card with the correct table number and time the prize would be awarded
Invitado is offering online and on-site ‘registration assistance’ for the ‘Slachtofferhulp Nederland’ symposium
Vive la France, Vive Air France KLM! Visitors of the Sales Day in Paris received a special welcome by Invitado with a pvc badge card!
Invitado was responsible for online and on-site registration of NewYear drink Rotterdam Partners
By using the timeslot choice in the registration form everyone from PZH could quietly compile their Christmas baskets on thursday
bezoekersregistratie met cardprinting-linkedin.jpg
On Wednesday the Province Zuid-Holland received her guests in style during the Counsilors meeting 2016 by using cardprinters!
Invitado is responsible for the on-site registration during the Paindays of the Dutch Association for Anesthesiology
For the fourth time, Invitado is the registration partner at Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference
Invitado provided exhibitors with leadscan software and scanners so their visitors could win a goodiebag
den haag 4.jpg
Invitado teamed up with Woonvisie Den Haag 2030
For the third time, Invitado was involved with the Statenontmoeting: the most important networking event in the Zuid-Holland province
For the second year in a row, Invitado organised the admission during the biggest event for the swimming pool industry
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