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Contactless in contact with your guests

Registering, scanning, printing badges - that is what we do every day at Invitado. But sometimes a client wants more. And very honestly: sometimes we just like to apply new técnicas. Our face recognition columns at the entrance of an event, for example. Or RFID wristbands. That is certainly not the cheapest solution, but it really is the salsa on the nachos for the guests of your event.


Get rid of wardrobe tickets and consumption vouchers

Identifying your guests with the RFID tags of the minuscule chip in their wristband, instead of using a QR or barcode on a badge, you can hardly call that profit. But if you give us the space to think along with you, we can offer you and your guests the smartest applications. For example, the wristband can replace wardrobe numbers. Or you can offer your visitors a credit, so that they can pay for their drinks contactlessly with the balance on their wristband.


One system, one optimally secured database

Just as with contactless payment in stores, your guests remain in full control. The frequency of each individual RFID tag is securely stored in the visitor database of your event. Through our solid registration system, we can literally read and write with it. We place very high demands on the reliability of our software and connections. We strive to ensure that our servers are up and running 24/7 and make sure that backups are available at all times. Our systems and databases are 100 por ciento AVG proof, and our products, processes and protocols are ISO 27001 certified. Because just leaving things to chance, that is so not us.


Welcome with a capital W

When we apply the RFID technology, it usually involves large events where the organization does not look at a euro more or less. The guests receive their personal wristband in a festive and therefore really inviting welcome package. As we are creative, we are happy to think along with you about the content and design of this package, so that the party starts muy espectacular long before the event itself.


Literally the finger on the pulse

All transactions done with the wristbands are stored in the database of your event. This way you already have insight into how your visitors experience the day during the event and you almost literally have your finger on the pulse. The endless reporting options help you to optimize your next event to the wishes of your audience.

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