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Exhibitor portal

Full service for your exhibitors. Sales automation for you!

We'd like to make it as easy as possible for you and your visitors. And we won't forget your exhibitors either. With our exhibitor portal, exhibitors can arrange a lot about their participation in your fair quickly and easily themselves. That saves muy, muy time-consuming phone calls, emails and administrative actions, while still offering your exhibitors full service.


One-stop shopping, in one smart portal

Setting up the stand (carpet tiles, electricity, furniture - everything tailored to the exact dimensions of the stand), placing and managing texts and logos for the website of your trade fair and the visitor app, applying for the passes for the stand crew, inviting business relations, downloading scanned leads ... Via our modular exhibitor portal, completely configured for your fair, your exhibitors can arrange all of that and more by themselves. You can offer the participants sponsorship opportunities via the portal and you can provide them with news and downloads, or remind them if they are likely to miss a deadline. One-stop shopping, via smart forms, which are linked to your databases and over which you'll keep complete control.

Connected with our floor plan tool: ¡Sinergia!

If you use our floor plan tool, we will connect it to the exhibitor portal. All information about the stands and your exhibitors will be immediately available in the portal. The exact dimensions of a stand, for example, whereby a participant orders the correct number of square meters of carpet tiles with one push of a button and immediately sees what the decoration of his stand will cost him. All changes are implemented integrally in both systems. That is not only smart, but also muy eficiente.


One system, one optimally secured database

The exhibitor portal is part of our solid registration system. We place very high demands on the reliability of our software and connections. We strive to ensure that our servers are up and running 24/7 and make sure that backups are available at all times. Our systems and databases are also 100 por ciento GDPR proof, and our products, processes and protocols are ISO 27001 certified. Because leaving things to chance, that is so not us.


Not just the looks…

Our designer ensures that your exhibitor portal is completely in sync with your corporate identity and the other communications of your trade fair. In the various forms, functionality and user experience are paramount: wherever possible we use inteligencia, so that your exhibitors don't have to take one step too much to find what they are looking for or to order what they need.


Always fully aware of what your exhibitors do and want

Because the exhibitor portal is the central link between you and your exhibitors, both sides have all the information available in one place. You can use that information through our system in other parts of the online and on-site registration process, or access it via our reporting tool. For example, from any invited visitor, you'll always know exactly whose guest it is.

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