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Your data can tell you more!

Numbers and statistics form the indispensable basis for the marketing of your event. With our background in marketing, we know that like no other. That is why we have equipped our registration system with a dashboard and a reporting tool that can tell you everything you want to know, both live and after your trade fair, congress or event. Everything? ¡Sí, todo!


Clever connections make your marketing smarter

From the first invitation to the moment that visitors pass our scanners at the entrance of your event, we log everything. All this data can be read and linked, and if you do that smartly, it will provide you with interesting insights. Insights with which you can not only compile your marketing mix in a smarter way, but with which you can also take major steps in the organization of your next event.


Paradise by the dashboard (light)

With the real-time data on the well-arranged dashboard, you can see where you stand in the run-up to your event. By default, we provide the dashboard with the most commonly used figures, diagrams and graphs. If you want more, challenge our specialists, because all available data can be linked and made visible on your personal dashboard. This is how we configure your ideal dashboard, optimized just for you.

Tailored reporting

Exactly the same applies to our reporting tool: el cielo es el limite. Our event registration specialists are happy to advise you and then compile the ultimate reports for you. You can view or download them the day after the event or, if required, in the meantime.


The data of your visitors in trusted hands

We log everything, we stated above. Important footnote: as far as this is permitted by law and by your visitors, of course. Our systems, our databases and we are 100 por ciento GDPR proof, and our products, processes and protocols are ISO 27001 certified. We place very high demands on the reliability of our software and connections. We strive to ensure that our servers are up and running 24/7 and make sure that backups of your data are available at all times. Because just leaving things to chance, that is so not us.


The beauty of flexibility

What one likes, the other doesn't. After all, tastes differ. So it's great that with our flexible dashboard you can go in all directions. Graphs, bar charts, pie charts: you decide how you want your data to be presented, and more importantly: which data you would like to see.

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