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You only make a first impression once

Go for that perfect first impression

Make it both yourself and your guests as easy as possible

Your event deserves a flawless start. That is why we take care of the on-site guest registration con amor. With years of experience, know-how, flawless technology and the personal involvement of market leader Invitado you'll play it safe. Together we ensure that you and your event make that important perfect first impression.


Smart people who'll think along with you

Our specialists think along with you in advance, but certainly also at the start of your event. Our decisive 'First Impression Employees' simply love it to get the most out of our smart system for you. With only one goal top of mind: making it as easy as possible for you and your guests. Because you'll only make a first impression once!

no ticket required

Face recognition: more than a gimmick

Invitado continues to innovate. For us, the use of face recognition is therefore no longer something from the future. We have already identified guests at various major events based on their unique facial features.

Based on a quick photo at the entrance of your event, the personal badge comes out of the printer as soon as a guest is recognized. Face recognition is more than a fun gimmick for a very special first impression. The technology is extremely effective and also proven to be reliable.


One system, one optimally secured database

The flexible scanning stations at the entrance of your event have a live connection with our solid registration system Cuanta. We place very high demands on the reliability of our software and connections. We strive for our servers to be up and running 24/7 and to make sure that backups are available at all times - for example, we always have our own 4G network with us. Our systems and databases are also 100 por ciento GDPR proof, and our products, processes and protocols are ISO 27001 certified. Because just leaving things to chance, that is so not us.


Badges worth to be seen

Because fast can also be beautiful

Not only our scanning stations look well cared for, we and our designer also aim high with the badges. Because the on-site registration must be fast and smooth (we are allergic to queues) doesn't mean that it may not look good. Your guests have to walk around with it all day long, don't they? Click through for the possibilities, because we can tell you much more about badges.


Always fully up-to-date

Everyone in? And has that VIP arrived yet?

Our system keeps you fully informed. This way you not only know exactly how many guests are already present, but also which guests you can still expect. A notification when there is a VIP at the gate? Or quickly check if the keynote speaker has already arrived? ¡No hay problema! And afterwards, the same system offers you all the reports and statistics you could wish for. With that data you can further optimize the marketing for your next event.

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