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Our creative specialists get really excited when they are challenged. There is nothing better then using the apps and tools we develop just a little differently. Or to think completely out-of-the-box, to make optimum use of our technical expertise and to come up with something totally new. In recent years we have made many eventos especiales possible with our smart solutions. We will be happy to get started with your challenge!

Pushing boundaries with a world record attempt

A large hotel reservation website wanted to improve the world record 'looking through VR glasses with as many people as possible at the same time' during a large-scale staff event. The official attendees from the Guinness Book of Records set strict requirements for the registration, because everything had to be right. Just like the distribution of more then 6,000 valuable gifts for the guests of the event: one gift per person, and that in less then 20 minutes. No problemo for our registration software.

1500 quiz candidates, 1 winner

A large telecom provider wanted our help to communicate effectively with its staff via the trusted mobile phone as part of a motivational campaign. The Invitado Event App turned out to be muy adecuado, and so our app became the shining center of a successful campaign - not only during, but also in the weeks prior to the event. Live communication in apptima forma, with the absolute highlight a live quiz with more than 1500 participants!

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