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Sound and vision from Beeld en Geluid

The Hague event location chooses TransmisiĆ³n

If they have a view of image and sound anywhere, it is at the Netherlands Institute for Beeld en Geluiid (Sound and Vision). The Hague branch of the Hilversum Institute serves on the one hand as a media museum, but is also a popular event location with twelve multifunctional rooms. These notorious experts like to use our Transmisión Livestreams platform to broadcast the streams produced in the monumental buildings on the Zeestraat. In fact, the interactivity that we add to streams and sessions is an important usp within the services that Beeld en Geluid offers. Our streaming platform is now an integral part of the total solutions that the institute offers its customers.

Successful cooperation

The collaboration with Beeld en Geluid Den Haag is very successful. This is not only reflected in the great interest in online and hybrid events, but also in the enthusiastic responses from clients and AV specialists who use Transmisión Livestreams. Under the title 'Vanuit Beeld en Geluid' (rhyming in Dutch), our The Hague amigos deploy the interactive platform almost white label. With the support of our specialists, of course, but within the system the employees of Beeld en Geluid are increasingly able to do more themselves.

And that has now resulted in dozens of successful events. From police to politics, from financial institutions to the province. Transmisión is used for small events (general member meetings) and large events (festivals with hundreds of participants and a very varied program). Where necessary, grateful use is also made of our participant registration. In addition, Beeld en Geluid also uses the platform for its own workshops on organizing online and hybrid events.

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